Drew Wilson charges dropped and other items

posted by Mike on January 24th, 2009

Drew Wilson, Worcesterite and friend of this blog, was arrested September 1, 2008 in St. Paul in connection with the Republican National Convention. Yesterday, he and 6 others were the first RNC arrestees to get to the trial phase. The charges against him sounded pretty bogus, and sure enough they were dropped:

. . . Judge Michael Fetsch decided that no reasonable jury could find the defendants guilty even if all the testimony from police was accepted as true. The defendants did not have to present any defense and charges can not be re-filed in the future.


Let’s celebrate by listening to Drew’s account of the arrest, from 508 #57: click here to download the mp3.

(Also: Very short Star-Tribune article.)

New blogs
Dave Griffith has a new blog, Any Poorer Than Dead, to explore “the connections between mortality, making art and being broke.” You’ll recall we have some essays on this site about his last book, A Good War Is Hard to Find.

Columbus, Ohio, has a new Catholic Worker house with a new blog.

William Thomas, RIP
The talk around here this weekend has been the death of local activist William Thomas. If you’ve walked past the White House, you probably remember a little tent across the street with a person holding a vigil for peace. Mr. Thomas was one of that small team.

LA Catholic Worker and marketing
According to this church marketing blog, the LACW does a great job of begging.

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