508 #94: Journalism

508 is a show about Worcester. This week, we talk with legendary Telegram & Gazette columnist Jim Dempsey and his WPI class about the state of Worcester journalism and whether bloggers can help.


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Two possible inspirations for Worcester amateurs: the NYT’s Virtual Assignment Desk, Clay Shirky’s “Let a thousand flowers bloom”

3 thoughts on “508 #94: Journalism”

  1. Jim Dempsey is super awesome. I met him a few times via the Worcester County Young Writers’ Conference when I was in high school eons ago (http://www.stjohnshigh.org/s/804/index.aspx?pgid=893&gid=1) and I think he referred Dianne Williamson to interview me once for a column.

    Regarding a virtual assignment desk, I’d be more than willing to participate in something like that (e.g., take an assignment a week, show up at a meeting and write something intelligent about it, stalk Albert Southwick, etc.) but I have no journalistic know-how, so I would need someone to direct me enough to say, “We need someone to cover these five things this week.”

  2. More thoughts regarding a virtual assignment desk —
    I guess one of my questions would be what could bloggers provide that the print (or broadcast) media outlets are not able or willing to do.

    For instance, there’s going to be a Forum on Bias and Hate Crimes, on Dec 10 at 8 a.m. at Holy Cross’s Hogan Campus Center. Sure, it would be great to have a liveblog of that, or of a videocast of that, but coul we also we cover that in a way that is thoughtful and insightful and adds value that a reader or listener would not otherwise get? Could we do some background research before that forum that provides something to a reader that s/he would not be getting in the T&G or Worcester Magazine?

    So — I think if you are serious about this idea, and if others are, then there needs to be a discussion of who’s willing to contribute and how much they would be willing to contribute.

  3. Nicole,
    Most media companies are functioning at a fraction of the staffing they once had. The reality is that many times, they’re simply not going to be at that event that some would like to see covered. That’s where the virtual assignment desk certain has real value.

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