508 #114: Denouement

posted by Mike on May 28th, 2010

508 is a show about Worcester. This week’s panel is Jeff Barnard and Brendan Melican.

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Various epic Worcester stories climaxed this week. [0:30] Unum signed a lease to became the “trigger tenant” for CitySquare, and Massport agreed to take over the airport.

[6:10] Also, the MA House passed CORI reform.

[9:40] The Worcester movie “Boy Band” will premiere locally next week.

[10:40] Mike looks at InCity Times issues from before and after Dianne Williamson called for a boycott of the paper, and finds, if anything, more ads now. Two contributors, Jim May and Doug Chapel, have said they are leaving the ICT.

[14:33] Brendan notices the many local construction projects are stimulus-funded.

[16:25] There is a new president of the local teacher’s union.

[18:15] A bear was captured in Worcester and died.

[20:48] The T&G website, as we have often discussed, has problems.

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