Church elections

posted by Kaihsu Tai on October 27th, 2010

As I mentioned earlier in the context of the Metal Mass, parish council elections in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland is coming next month (November). I am surprised that (it seems to me) some members of political parties participate explicitly as candidate lists in these elections. For example, the Centre Party tendency has the “Church Amidst” (Kirkko keskelle arkea) list; National Coalition supporters have “Right On” (Oikealla asialla); and the Social Democrats organize the “Come All” (Tulkaa kaikki) list. Some even publish their manifestos: for example, the Greens (list name ”Green Pastures” Vihreät niityt, a pun at Psalm 23) in the Lutheran fashion post their Green parish election theses. This is almost unthinkable either in Britain or in North America.

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