508 #140: Tax rates and other thrilling adventures

posted by Mike on December 31st, 2010

508 is a show about Worcester. This week’s panel is Nicole Apostola, Kevin Ksen, and Dee Wells. We talk about the dual tax rate, the T&G blog article, the Crompton Park skating rink, the lack of bidders on the old courthouse, city employee travel expense controversies and government transparency, and good stuff in Worcester.


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  1. On January 1, 2011 at 11:20 Nick said:

    Rosalie Tirella really has it in for you guys. She also manages to misspell Jeff’s name.


  2. On January 5, 2011 at 14:18 Matt...yeah, okay said:

    Crompton Park ice pond=great idea glad it worked.
    Ice by City Hall= *money it costs* wasted.
    Brown lots: Use scented Geraniums.SLAP SOLAR PANELS ON’EM AND WIND TURBINES=revenue for the local people in the form of energy bill reduction=more people wanting to live there=more businesses to help them. What can I say, it makes sense to me.
    Taxes: Tax more for property money is made with and deduct living expenses by the owner if they live there. Don’t raise taxes for fixed income, or adjust it for their income-seniors don’t need to choose between meds and heat(it’s 2011, get with it already).
    I clicked on that link to in city times. I now no longer regret being too busy working and going to school to read up on this bllsht.
    Also, had no idea what a drama mamma she is-grrrreen island has a sociopath problem-no, seriously; no disrespect to the other residents there who have to put up with those bullies.
    Mike, hi, my name is Matt. I’m glad you are evolved enough to seek peace. Welcome to the opposable thumb club. Next time a meat puppet of a sociopath from the grrrassy knoll comes looking, please post the name and address of this person. That way we can invite them to join the ICT (Integrated Cerebrum Triad). We are a law abiding group of readahs, who integrate our cortex in a tri-lateral approach to life, involving the use of three(tri) skills.Those skills include, but are not limited to:our ability to interpret information with our cortex, opposable thumb usage and upright bipedal locomotion(as compared to less efficient, knuckle dragging).

    Thanks for posting and congradulations for your membership to the club, I guess we were more exclusive than I thought.

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