508 #170: #occupyworcester

508 is a show about Worcester. This week, it’s also a show about Occupy Boston.


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You can watch 508 Fridays at 7pm on WCCA TV13.

[0:00] The people’s microphone. “Occupy Worcester” is called to order.

[1:06] “Barf Bag” Marty Lamb: has not called us back.

[1:59] Brendan thinks that years of uninspiring City Councilors are to blame for poor preliminary turnout. In District Four, 6% of voters were under-30, and 26% over-70. (Only one 19-year-old voted.)

[8:18] Brendan talks about his experiences at Occupy Boston.

[19:05] Worcester buses centrally tracked soon, new hub in a couple years.

[21:17] “Groundbreaking” for Worcester’s first pro football stadium.

[21:45] FYC reopened this week.

[22:10] Want free ebooks? Get them from the Worcester Public Library via Overdrive Media Console.

[23:12] Ben Franklin gave away their post-fire books this week.

[23:39] Downing Street temporarily closed in preparation for permanent closure.

[25:03] Worcester Housing Authority wants to require residents to work or learn.

2 thoughts on “508 #170: #occupyworcester”

  1. Mike’s hair is the primary reason I watch the show.

    Regarding voting — what I find interesting is that, while there are so many folks who don’t show up to vote, there are plenty (1.5% for the at-large race this time around) who show up to cast a blank ballot. Last time we had a preliminary election (2007), only 0.8% cast a blank ballot in the at-large race (and in 2007 we had a turnout of 14,274, as opposed to this year’s 8,316).

    I’d love to see a none of the above option, but I do think it’s better to show up and cast a blank ballot if you’re unhappy with your choices (rather than staying home and be portrayed as apathetic).

    Regarding eligibility for housing and students’ attendance rates — I’d love to hear the opinion of someone trying to reform the CHINS situation in the juvenile court system. Could this potentially cause an increase in these kinds of cases? (That is, someone might turn their kid in for CHINS in order to keep housing.)

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