Occupy Worcester event happening Saturday on the Common

30 people gathered on Worcester Common today for a 3-hour “Occupy Worcester” rally. This was organized independently of tomorrow’s general assembly, also on the Common. What are the chances there are Occupy Worcester events this weekend I don’t even know about?


Occupy Worcester

9 thoughts on “Occupy Worcester event happening Saturday on the Common”

  1. “Occupy Worcester event happening Saturday on the Comomon”.

    Occupying Worcester Common sounds amusing.

  2. Please correct the two misspellings on the web site. “Common” not Comomon at the top of the site and in the headline.

  3. It is not about spelling errors…it is about the humanity that is being shown here.
    If we are amused by this or entertained, then we are not connected to why Occupy Worcester is happening. It is a world wide movement. Just as the lady above said, it is about the fact the powers that be have lost sight of the humanity they supposedly govern, of the heart with in us, of the common man.

    We the people, have been complacent far too long. We are saying we see through the double talk and greed. That those in power are not getting anywhere or going anywhere. Wall street, white house street, corporations street, bank street, opulent street, ivory tower street, they all have isolated themselves from the rest of us…and they need to wake up NOW…not tomorrow but NOW.
    The hope I have, is that Occupy Worcester will show the rest of the world just how loving and peaceful these gatherings can be, and that a show of power through numbers can have one voice and change through peaceful means can be acheived. I really hope there is a good turn out today.

  4. Was this person reading from the bible? Just curious, nothing was mentioned about what they were doing.

  5. I googled some of what he was saying, and didn’t find anything. Maybe original poetry? Maybe I am ill-educated and should know what this is?

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