Occupy Worcester, Lake Park, day one


Today is the first day of Occupy Worcester’s actual physical occupation, relocated to “Camp Quinsigamond” in Lake Park last night after a brief moment on the Common.


Worcester Magazine: photos

Worcester Police Department press release: Protestors Stay the Night at Lake Park

When I stopped by today at lunch, 15 people were at the camp. It’s a beautiful site on Lake Quinsigamond, with all the campground amenities.

I can’t confirm this on the website, but I believe the next general assembly is Monday, 6pm, on the Common.

I believe that the land currently being occupied is state land. I also believe that the city is getting their act together today occupy-wise and considering whether there might be better sites. Lots of rumors at the moment.

To visit the camp via public transit, take the #16 bus to Lake Park and walk towards the lake, looking for tents.


From last night:

The brief occupation of the Common, the police, and the decision to move to Lake Park

One thought on “Occupy Worcester, Lake Park, day one”

  1. So you all know, there is a shift change at the hospital around 4:30 pm, and rush traffic will continue at the corner of Lake Ave and Rt 9 until about 6:30-ish. That might be a good time to have a contingent out with signs on the corners/medians there.

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