Occupy Worcester attempts occupation of Common, many arrested

posted by Mike on November 5th, 2011

On the evening of November 5, Occupy Worcester members set up 8 tents on the Common. Shortly after 10pm, when the Common is closed to visitors, police warned the occupiers they would be arrested, then arrested them. OW says 19 were arrested, including a legal observer who somehow got caught up in things.

Update: Police press release. (I am a big fan of police press releases, but even this one is not a definitive account of the events. For example, contrary to what this press release says, I’m pretty sure Holly did not get arrested on the Common, since I watched her get arrested on Major Taylor Boulevard.)


Supporters of the arrestees marched from the Common to the police station, walking in the road until they too were threatened with arrest. After the group moved onto the sidewalk, two of them darted into the road, and one of these was arrested. A friend of this man walked out into the road after him and was also arrested. A third marcher was arrested under unclear circumstances.

Charges against those arrested include trespassing and disturbing the peace. As I write this they are posting bail and being released from lockup. You can view the website for more information

. There are many videos/pictures/accounts online—over the next day I’ll add some links to this post.

Occupying the police station lawn on a cold night, waiting for those arrested to be released.

Occupy Worcester Arrests, 11/05/2011 from Matthew Wright on Vimeo.


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