Occupy Worcester camp moving to Lincoln Square

posted by Mike on November 13th, 2011

The Occupy Worcester encampment in Lake Park is being packed up tonight and moved to Lincoln Square at the edge of downtown at 7pm. Some think that the legality of camping there is enough of a gray area that OW will be allowed to remain.

Police, apparently, disagree.


Update: A little before 10pm, Occupy Worcester laid down some tarps and sleeping bags on the grass at Lincoln Square. A little after 10pm, three policemen rolled up to the site and announced that the grass is city property, but that protesting on the sidewalk is OK. They warned OW they would be arrested if they remained on the grass. OW moved the sleeping bags onto the edge of the sidewalk. When I left at 11pm, only one person was making an effort to sleep. One policeman told us that if people fell asleep, they would be woken up and told to stay in motion on the sidewalk. One OW camper I asked said he would remain in Lincoln Square till dawn, whether or not he was allowed to sleep.


An all-night sidewalk demonstration is not what anyone had in mind for tonight. These setbacks are disappointing, but to the extent that Occupy is an open source protest, even failed experiments add to a larger body of knowledge. Personally I’m stunned and encouraged that OW still has this kind of energy a month in.

Second update: OW did indeed stay all night. Photos on Facebook show the small contingent back on the lawn at sunrise.

Also: T&G story

Opening of this afternoon’s general assembly. None of the video clips in this post are edited—just something for the curious.

Lincoln Square part 1: reading a sign.

Lincoln Square part 2: excerpt of a meeting.

Lincoln Square part 3: setting up sleeping bags.

Lincoln Square part 4: 10pm.

Lincoln Square part 5: the police arrive.

Lincoln Square part 6: daredevil photographer.

Lincoln Square part 7: a chant.

Lincoln Square part 8: an attempt at sleep.

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  1. On November 14, 2011 at 01:11 Chris R. said:

    Best coverage thus far, including measuring the occupation in linear feet. :)

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