Occupy Worcester, Lincoln Square, day two

posted by Mike on November 15th, 2011

A couple dozen people were in Lincoln Square when I stopped by to visit Occupy Worcester this afternoon. They tell me that at least some authorities have determined Lincoln Square is not a park, and that they are being allowed to set up sleeping bags on the grass within 3 feet of the sidewalk.

A couple locals stop by with signs.

When word got to the camp that the City Council might consider an anti-OW item tonight, most of the OW people headed down to City Hall. This was just as the weekly antiwar vigil, now ten years old, began in Lincoln Square. I took some video during this crossover time.

Update: Apparently Konnie Lukes asked for the Council to publicly support the city administration’s response to Occupy Worcester, and the Council was like, “Maybe we’ll think about it.”

Worcester Magazine:

“I have concerns that the city council…has not taken any action to either support or criticize the City Manager.” She says they shouldn’t be letting him hang out dry alone because “he takes orders from the City Council…we’ve sort of turned the tables around where the CM is leading and the City Council isn’t doing much of anything.”


She introduced a resolution in which she called on the council to go on record in support of the manager’s efforts with Occupy Worcester as the city’s chief conservator of the peace and his efforts to respect the movement’s constitutional rights of free speech.

But District 2 Councilor Philip P. Palmieri exercised his right under the council’s rules to table Mrs. Lukes’ resolution for one week. He said such a delay made “good sense” so the council can have time to get a report back from the city administration regarding the questions that were raised tonight.

Mrs. Lukes, meanwhile, said only two of her colleagues were willing to support her resolution.

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