Candlemas: Planning for Spring

posted by Mike on February 2nd, 2012

Tracy had a short post today about Groundhog Day, the old pagan festival of Imbolc, and Candlemas, three holidays that fall more or less today.

In Massachusetts, the days finally feel like they’re getting longer. The battle against darkness continues, but it’s obvious the tide has turned, and these holidays mark a natural time to celebrate the impending victory and think about the end of winter, whether by preparing liturgical equipment or seeing if small animals can give us an ETA.

I’m officially beginning to plan for Lent today. That means starting to think about what I might want to give up (this year: a lot), and asking the people around me if they’re observing Lent this year (many non-Christians do!). It’s also turned out to be a day of garden and business planning, and reviewing the progress of my New Year’s resolutions. Candlemas—now my favorite neglected holiday.

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