508 #187: Rectangular Fields

posted by Mike on March 23rd, 2012

508 is a show about Worcester. This week’s panel is Brendan Melican and the man the T&G called “Worcester’s most-traveled, most-jailed, and most notorious political radical since Abbie Hoffman,” Scott Schaeffer-Duffy.


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You can watch 508 Fridays at 7pm on WCCA TV13.

[0:00] Scott talks about the Foley 5K and the Worcester Marathon.

[10:35] Worcester Sunshine Week update.

[12:00] Worcester wants lifeguards.

[12:08] Tracy Novick & Nicole Apostola had striking photos in the T&G this week.

[14:00] Worcester Parent Expo March 31.

[14:15] Bookmobile.

[14:25] City Councilor George Russell is pushing some transparency issues of his own.

[15:26] Distant Castle anniversary.

[15:35] VegFest is April 15.

[16:20] Worcester Police tweeted surveillance camera photos.

[17:00] We are frustrated that the Juggalo tattoo fiasco happened in Spencer. Mike: “I don’t condone this behavior, but if it has to happen I want it to happen in the city of Worcester.”

[19:10] Via Facebook: Does Scott like the Swamp Thing?

[20:48] Question: why is there suddenly so much public opposition to Worcester Police Chief Gary Gemme? Also: Not Chief Gemme and BIZARRO LUKES.

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  1. On March 26, 2012 at 14:25 Tracy said:

    A pink slime shout-out!
    I entirely agree with the nose-to-tail carnivorous sentiments. In this case, it’s not the use of other parts of the cow that’s the problem: it’s mixing it with ammonium nitrate in an effort to kill pathogens (E. coli, samonella, and the like), which has turned out not to be effective.

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