Mozarabic liturgy

posted by Kaihsu Tai on August 24th, 2012

Liturgia Mozárabe, Iglesia Catedral del Redentor, Iglesia Española Reformada Episcopal (Comunión Anglicana), Madrid Thanks to the travel expert Rick Steves, I knew about the Mozarabic Rite when I visited the Toledo Cathedral near Madrid in 2003. There, the Mozarabic liturgy has been kept in use. Sadly, I was not there at the right time to observe the Mass.

In 2009, while walking around in the Lower East Side of New York, I spotted the Saint Isidoro and Saint Leandro Church, which seemed to belong to the Orthodox Synod of Milan. The church was closed when I visited, so again I was not able to experience the liturgy first hand. Indeed, the identity of the church required some further research on the web to ascertain.

Finally, last Easter (2011), I had another chance to visit Madrid, this time as an Anglican. So, I went to our church there, the Cathedral of the Redeemer. The Iglesia Española Reformada Episcopal (in both the Anglican Communion and the Porvoo Communion) received the Mozarabic liturgy both through its own land and through the reimport via the Book of Common Prayer: Archbishop Cranmer referred to the Mozarabic liturgy while compiling the book.

So this ancient and rare liturgy is kept alive by three major traditions of the faith. I am glad to have discovered this over the last decade.

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