Marathon Vigil in Worcester today, 4-5pm, Lincoln Square

posted by Mike on April 16th, 2013


Worcester in solidarity with its Boston brothers & sister... on Twitpic
(Brian Goslow photo)

T&G: Vigil unites local runners in grief and strength:

If not for [Scott Schaeffer-Duffy’s] 18-year-old son Aiden S. Duffy, who encouraged him to run toward the finish line after he pulled a muscle about 20 miles into the race, he said he would have been at the grandstand when the first bomb went off.

“If he had not been with me — 15 minutes slower and I would have been at the grandstand,” he said.

There will be a vigil in Lincoln Square in Worcester from 4-5pm today to remember those injured and killed in the marathon bombing.

We’ll be holding a large banner reading, “Pray for the Marathon Victims/Work for Victory Over Violence,” as well as signs reading “The Marathon Will Go On,” “Runners are Heartbroken,” and the like. If you are a runner and have a Boston shirt or medal, you are encouraged to wear it.

According to organizer Scott Schaeffer-Duffy of the Catholic Worker, “Parking is available behind the old Voke School. It says cars will be towed, but that has never happened.”

For more info call 508-753-3588 or 508-499-9638.

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