Amanda Kidd Schall (508 #322)

posted by Mike on February 17th, 2019

508 is a show about Worcester. This week, we interview Amanda Kidd Schall of the Worcester Arts Council, master picture framer at Framed in Tatnuck, sometime Clark University art professor, visual artist, and long-time Worcesterite. Topics include the Worcester arts scene, local funding, great art in Worcester, recent news from the Catholic clergy abuse crisis, money laundering in contemporary art, John Wick, and Hamlet.

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  • (0:00-6:00) Worcester and its arts scene.
  • (1:53) “Everyone is very supportive of each other, it’s more of a ‘build each other up’ community than a competitive, fighting-over-resources kind of community. And I think that’s what makes it really special compared to other cities and other places.”
  • (6:00-21:00) Local arts funding.
  • (10:33) “We’re going to take art and put it in a public place? People are going to light it on fire and throw it in the street.”
  • (21:00-26:00) Great art in Worcester: Monet’s Waterloo Bridge, the floor mosaic, and Toby Sisson at the Art Museum; the Worcester County Light Opera Company.
  • (26:00-35:00) This week’s news from the Catholic clergy abuse crisis.
  • (35:00-40:00) Money laundering in contemporary art.
  • (40:00-48:00) Great art in Worcester, part 2: Hamlet at Clark University.
  • (44:30) “Now Amanda’s going to talk about the time she was tricked into watching Green Room.”

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