Grace Ross on Saint Kermit, April 17, 8pm

posted by Mike on April 15th, 2007

We’ll be interviewing Grace Ross, former Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party candidate for governor and Worcester resident, Tuesday night for the Saint Kermit podcast.

We’re recording the podcast with the TalkShoe service, which means you can listen to it as we record it, and phone in with your own questions. See the Saint Kermit website for details.

Grace is making “an important announcement” Wednesday morning, and we’ll be asking her about that.

We always pick the topics for Saint Kermit a few minutes before recording it, so I’m not sure what else we’ll be talking about. Probably sports and taxes. The regular team of Jim Henderson, Tony Lorenzen, Janine Duffy, and myself will be hosting.

Roundtable discussion: How is Worcester treating the poor?

posted by Mike on March 24th, 2007

April 18, 7pm, 52 Mason St, Worcester. Refreshments. Co-sponsored by Real Solutions and the Catholic Worker.

I’m on a public panel Thursday

posted by Mike on March 12th, 2007

I’ll be part of a panel on “Your Right to Know” this Thursday, 2pm, at WCCA (415 Main Street, Worcester, Massachusetts). This event is free and open to the public.

Sunshine WeekWe’ll be talking about how to get information about what the government is doing, and how the government often stonewalls private citizens, bloggers, and professional journalists. This is part of the national event called Sunshine Week.

Other panelists include blogger Bill Randell, Assistant District Attorney Patricia C. Smith, Jay Whearley of the Telegram & Gazette, and Jaime Flores of Vocero Hispano.

This discussion will be taped, and later broadcast on WCCA and posted to their website.

If you have suggestions for things we should discuss, comment away.

T&G article about the panel

Nine Days in April: A Free Conference Guided By Catholic Social Teaching

posted by Mike on March 4th, 2007

Seeking and Working for Social Justice and Peace as Guided by the Nine Themes of Catholic Social Teaching: An Easter Novena and Conference at Anna Maria College, 50 Sunset Lane, Paxton, Massachusetts.

April 10th through 21st, 2007

The Theology and Religious Studies Community at Anna Maria College, Paxton, MA invites you to a multi-day conference on the nine themes of Catholic Social Teaching. Each day of the conference is devoted to one of the nine themes. This spring conference purposely coincides with Anna Maria’s student musical, “Cotton Patch Gospel” by Harry Chapin which will be presented on the evenings of Thursday, April 12 and Friday, April 13 at 7 PM.

The Novena/Conference aims to increase understanding of and enthusiasm for the faithful pursuit of social justice and peace called for by Scriptural inspiration and admonition, Christian tradition, and the century-plus old promulgation of social encyclicals issued by recent Popes. The Conference will also attend to the documents of the Ecumenical Councils and select pastoral letters issued by Bishops’ conferences.

Solidarity Event at Stone Soup

posted by Mike on January 29th, 2007

Solidarity Event at Stone Soup (4 King St.)

Maggie Newburger is home for a week from Morazan, El Salvador and she is working to raise money to help fight a dam that would be devastating to thousands of people in the community where she has been living. They need money to build latrines and feed people that are coming to help fight the dam with them. At this Worcester Indymedia sponsored event Maggie with show us photos and talk with us about her time in El Salvador and the situation in Morazan. Please come and help show what international solidarity is all about.

For more info call Anne (508) 561-1164

Close Gitmo events

posted by Mike on January 4th, 2007

There’s a huge rally on Thursday, Jan 11, 2007, in Washington, DC to close down the Guantanamo prison.

People are driving down from Worcester early Wednesday morning. To see about a ride, contact Scott at

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Midwest Catholic Worker resistance retreat

posted by Mike on December 18th, 2006


The fifth annual Midwest Catholic Worker Resistance Retreat will take place Sunday March 25 and Monday March 26, in South Bend, Indiana. The So Bend Catholic Worker Community is hosting.

South Bend Catholic Worker Community:

The South Bend Catholic Worker hopes that the Midwest Catholic Worker Resistance Retreat will be an opportunity to challenge the University of Notre Dame to speak more clearly for the peace that is based on the tradition of the Church and the ancient teaching of the apostles. Our goal is to inform the consciences of those students participating in ROTC by bringing to light the stark contradiction between Catholic teaching and military training, so that these ROTC students will become conscientious objectors to the military. We also hope that our actions, performed in the personalist manner of the Catholic Worker, will lead to the disintegration of ROTC at Notre Dame and all Catholic campuses.

The two day CW Retreat is designed to follow an all day Saturday, March 24th Catholic Peace Fellowship (CPF) Conference, “Neither Left Nor Right: the Heart of Christian Peacemaking”. Jim Forest and Tom Cornell, long time Catholic Workers and co-founders of CPF, will lead the CPF Conference. Also presenting will be Michael Baxter, South Bend Catholic Worker and CPF national secretary; Joshua Casteel, Iraq War Vet and conscientious objector; Farah Marie Mokhtareizadeh, an Iranian-American Catholic activist who recently traveled to Lebanon.

The cost for the CPF retreat is $25. (Though this fee can be waved for those who can not afford it.)

Steve Jacobs of the Columbia MO. CW community will lead and facilitate the CW Resistance Retreat which will end with a nonviolent direct action on the Notre Dame campus.

Housing and hospitality for the Conference and Retreat is being provided by the South Bend CW Community. Efforts to find beds for all out of town participants will be made with floor space as a last resort (something reserved for the younger folks if necessary). All participants are encouraged to register for both the Conference and the Retreat. Pre registration will be necessary for all who will need housing and or any special hospitality needs.

Worcester Vets for Peace demonstration

posted by Mike on December 7th, 2006

Rally in support of those who refuse to fight in the illegal & immoral WAR in IRAQ. Please join us to stand with Lt. Ehren Watada and all who have the courage to resist!

Sunday December 10
1 PM – 4 PM


Contact: Bob Flanagan –

SBCW drop-in center to open

posted by Mike on December 1st, 2006

The South Bend Catholic Worker are planning to open their new drop-in center on Dec 2. The grand opening will begin with mass at 5pm at 744 South Main Street, South Bend, Indiana.



Mike Baxter in a dust cloud: The middle room is clean!

Longest Night, Worcester

posted by Mike on November 23rd, 2006

There will be a memorial event for those who have died homeless the evening of December 21. The event will begin at Union Station and end at St. John’s Church.

(announcement follows:)

The Longest Night: Worcester Homelessness Memorial Day rally and memorial service will take place on Thursday, December 21, 2006, the first day of winter and the longest night of the year.

This memorial observance is part of the National Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day that since 1990 has called attention to the tragedy of homelessness and those who have paid the ultimate price for our nation’s failure to end homelessness.

On December 21st, Worcester Homelessness Memorial Day, a coalition of concerned Worcester residents and organizations will gather at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall Plaza (behind City Hall), where we will hold a rally and vigil to remember our homeless neighbors who died in 2006. We will then walk to St. John’s Rectory (44 Temple Street) for a 7:15 p.m. memorial service.

The rally behind City Hall will include a call to action as well as a reading and remembrance of the names of homeless individuals in Worcester who died in 2006.

At the memorial service at St. John’s Rectory, religious leaders from a variety of faiths will each say a few words about the loss of homeless members of our community.

Together these memorial events will honor those who have died and call our community to recommit to the task of ending homelessness.

Please join us on December 21st – The Longest Night. Together we can make our communities safer and healthier for all.

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