Happy Birthday, Bruce!

posted by Mike on June 21st, 2006


Bruce is 50. Happy birthday! Here’s a video we made on Worcester Commons.

The good thing about having him as my spiritual advisor is that he’s always ready with advice. The bad thing is, it’s not always good advice.

(I’m hoping to put together a massive video roundtable discussion featuring Bruce before I leave Worcester in a couple weeks. Keep your fingers crossed.)

Happy Birthday Mike Leslie

posted by Mike on June 8th, 2006

NB and I went down to the visionary junk shop Happy Birthday Mike Leslie yesterday and did a news story on the store. (If the “Play” link doesn’t work, try “Download.”)

Mike Leslie, shopkeeper Jacob Berendes and Mike Leslie

I put up some photos on Flickr. To get a sense of the store, look at this photo at the highest resolution. Yes, that’s a fabric giant squid hanging from the ceiling.

I love this store. It is like revolution in action. Or like something better than revolution in action.

Reminds me of the Diggers’ “free store” Trip Without A Ticket:

If Someone Asks to See the Manager
Tell Him He’s the Manager

Coffee in Brainerd, Minnesota

posted by Mike on March 6th, 2006

Pie and Coffee is pleased to present another interview with Bruce, in which he discusses the coffee shops of Brainerd, Minnesota, with the occasional digression.
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An Interview About “Bubble”

posted by Mike on January 3rd, 2006

Bubble,” Steven Soderbergh’s latest film, will be released to theaters, cable, and DVD January 27. It was filmed in part at the Lee Middleton doll factory in Belpre, Ohio, part of the region of Ohio and West Virginia known as the Mid-Ohio River Valley.

Sarah, a book designer, once worked for Lee Middleton Dolls, and lived in Belpre much of her life. Mark, a media scholar, attended Junior High and High School across the river in Vienna and Parkersburg, West Virginia. They now live in Indiana, but both maintain strong ties to the Mid-Ohio Valley. Pie and Coffee interviewed them over the Christmas holiday.
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Coffee in Worcester–continued

posted by Mike on November 10th, 2005

Another interview with Bruce about Worcester’s upscale coffee joints, heavy metal, and watching The Ghost and Mr. Chicken two hundred times.
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An Interview with Zack Berger

posted by Mike on November 9th, 2005

A few years ago, Zack Berger and Celeste Sollod self-published Zack’s Yiddish translation of “The Cat in the Hat,” Di Kats der Piyatz. Following the success of that book, they’ve come out with Zack’s Yiddish version of “Curious George,” George der Naygeriker. We caught up with Zack via e-mail.
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Coffee in Downtown Worcester

posted by Mike on August 17th, 2005

Bruce Last week, Bruce and I walked across town to visit the much-lauded Billy Goat Beanery coffeehouse. They were closed. (The Pulse thinks they’re out of business, but the woman in the bookstore below the coffeehouse told us they’re negotiating a new lease and will be back soon. Update: The old Billy Goat is now the Belfry Cafe. Check out Bruce’s review.)

We had a lukewarm cup of coffee at a nearby restaurant. Nothing to write home about.

But this gives us an excuse to post an interview we did with Bruce a few months ago about the coffee of downtown Worcester, Mass.
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