posted by Mike on January 12th, 2007

Worcester's Christmas tree went into a wood chipper today

Media: The Globe and T&G are cutting jobs. Michael Ball considers this. Worcester Indymedia debuts a video newscast about the Thursday Lincoln Square peace vigil and a community meeting in response to a controversy at the Youth Center.

Church: The Diocese of Worcester has reportedly cut its annual deficit by 90% in the past three years. I know nothing about the backstory here. In other news, at least one Vatican official digs Oscar Wilde:

Our role is to be a thorn in the flesh, to move people’s consciences and to tackle what today is the No 1 enemy of religion — indifference.

City: “Back Alleys Become Commons.” I’ve seen some of this in Worcester, and would like to see more. Over at WCCA, two new videos: the latest performance from teen guitarist Desiree Bassett, and a report from another peace vigil. Finally, it’s been suggested that someone compile a list of Worcester residents not running for Mayor. The web seems an obvious place for this. Suggestions?

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