508 #120: Under a Tree

508 is a show about Worcester. This week’s panel is Chris Warren, Bruce Russell, Jesse Pack, and Brendan Melican.


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[0:25] We speculate about Saturday’s Worcester Peace Festival.

[1:30] The Transgender Emergency Fund is raising money with a calendar.

[5:55] Brian Goslow walks by.

[6:00] Disclosure: Brendan’s working on Steve Grossman’s state treasurer campaign.

[6:35] The Brazilian cop who murdered Brendan’s friend Joe Martin was himself shot to death.

[8:10] A city girl had her leg cut off while hopping a train. Chris gives guarded advice to Worcester hoboes. (On a lighter note, you may enjoy John Hodgman’s recitation of hobo nicknames.)

[12:28] We claim that Chris will tell the first-hand story of Mike’s bike being seized by Canadian police during the G-20 conference, but he doesn’t get to that part.

[22:55] We talk about Pharmasphere. Here’s a a reasonably skeptical and detailed WoMag article (from 2009?)

[29:05] Brendan and Chris talk about the anarchist approach to economic development.


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