Free enterprise

posted by Mike on June 21st, 2005


Bruce and I walked downtown today to have coffee at St. John’s parish.


It’s my job to live the dreams other people only fantasize about.

A couple weeks ago we went to Worcester’s newest free meal, at the diner across the street from St. John’s. You walk in and sit down in the back room and they give you breakfast: buttered toast, scrambled eggs, scalloped potatoes, and your choice of drink. Ever since the nearby 1999 Worcester Cold Storage fire, which killed six firemen, this diner has been helping out the poor. The free meal formalizes and expands on their past efforts.


I’m dedicated to rocking. It’s how I serve the community, and society. If I wasn’t doing this, I’d be selling shoes or flipping burgers. Or else flipping people off.

St. John’s free brunch initially lost some of its regular patrons to the diner’s free breakfast. It was busy today. One of the St. John’s volunteers called the competition between free meals “free enterprise.”

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