A Year of Soup

posted by Mike on July 22nd, 2005

. . . and other items.

  • From St. John’s parish bulletin this week:

    Free Meal: Our anniversary week was busy. Last year, we were standing outside the church wondering if anyone would come to break bread, and enjoy soup, with us. This year, we barely had enough soup. “Success,” in this regard, is not needing a free meal, but there is a need now, and we are blessed to be able to serve and to offer a place of physical, emotional, and spiritual nourishment. We are always grateful for your monetary donations as well as lunch meats, tuna fish, mustard, mayo, coffee, and . . . Thank you!

  • Speaking of Darfur-related fasts, there has been a fast in Lafayette Park for most of July.
  • In I’m So Blue, Barbara Solow pays tribute to the progressive South.

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