Trial of the St. Patrick’s Four and other items

posted by Mike on September 19th, 2005

St. Patricks\' Four sign

  • Today begins the trial of four Catholic Workers from Ithaca, New York who poured blood around the vestibule of a military recruiting office.

    They wanted the fresh recruits, the ones they believed had been seduced by video games and government lies, to see the blood and think about those destined to shed it: the Iraqi people and American soldiers. They refused to leave and prayed while they waited to be arrested.
    (New York Times)

    They were tried in a local court, and had a hung jury. Nine of the twelve jurors voted to acquit.

    After that, federal charges were brought against them for the same incident.

    Running Scared has done a good job of blogging the trial. See also: St. Patrick’s Four, the Press & Sun-Bulletin, Binghamton IndyMedia, and WICZ (a Fox affiliate that some on the scene think is doing the best reporting job).

    This is the dark side of our legal system. It’s gone beyond justice to raw, hungry vengeance.

    “Anyone who disagrees with this administration and dares to show it gets the crap beat out of them.”
    (Associated Press)

  • All that is good in the world is summed up by the Worcester Tornadoes’ Can-Am League championship! Cheap, independent baseball; good times; and the big win at the end.

    The Tornadoes don’t really have a good nickname. The local paper calls them the ‘Nadoes.

    Ralph NaderBut how about the ‘Naders?

    Or the ‘Nads?

  • Vern sums up all that is bad in the world with his review of the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards.

    Quoth Vern:

    The weird thing is, it turns out the ’80s could’ve been worse.


    It was like Caligula without the bestiality.


    So what did we do? Were we fiddling while Rome was burning? Well no, it wasn’t a real fiddle, it was keyboards.

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  1. On September 19, 2005 at 20:17 Adam (Southern California) said:

    Vern, as always, tell’s it like it is. I watched that VMA show, too, and it was awful in so many ways. People complain about awards shows all the time, and they complain about MTV, but this show was so much concentrated awfulness that it defies belief. What exactly is Diddy’s talent supposed to be, again? That guy is the king of self-promotion and nothing else.

    I liked how the camerawork sucked when Diddy was doing one of his lame comedy bits, supposedly showing pictures of him in his various incarnations, but the focus was on Diddy himself talking, with the screen showing the visual joke, as it were, out-of-focus and in the background.

    Also, what was with all the distracting “underwater” effects when they would show the brief clips of the videos?

    Etc. etc. etc.

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