“Opt Out” comes to Pie and Coffee

posted by Mike on February 8th, 2006

Military recruiters get the personal info of all American public high schoolers, unless the students “opt out.”

It’s like being on the nation’s largest teen junkmail list.

Worcester Indymedia has been investigating the opt-out rates of local high schools, and trying to understand the variations from school to school.

Some of us at Pie and Coffee have joined in the effort by putting the information on the website optout.pieandcoffee.org.

If you live outside Central Massachusetts, and are interested in collecting and submitting opt-out information from your local schools, contact optout.admin@gmail.com.

This is a privacy issue. It’s about not wanting to be pestered. It’s hard to recruit kids for the military these days, and in response some military recruiters are behaving more like used-car salesmen or telemarketers than soldiers.

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