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The Telegram & Gazette has a couple articles today about issues that Pie and Coffee has been following.

Coach Williams apologizes: As explained by the capable Jim Wilson, Coach Pat Williams wrote a letter of apology, with one copy going “to Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association executive director Richard Neal” and another to the newspaper. They didn’t reprint the letter by itself, but they quote what seems like most of it:

Mr. Williams’ letter begins: “I would like to apologize for bringing racism into the conversation I had with a reporter after the South-Holy Name game last Sunday. I realize now I have violated MIAA Rule 50.1.1, which prohibits public criticism of game officials, and I apologize for doing so.”


The letter goes on to say: “South High had a great season ending with a 19-3 record and the Inter-High title. Jinazean Ball was the first 1,000-point scorer since 1992; the other seniors, Brian Marvie, Raleek Byfield, Karl Gonzalez, Elijah Huges, Shamari Buchanan, Nick Beltre and Michael Johnson, ended their high school basketball career with dignity. I want to thank the entire basketball team for bringing the program back. I have apologized to the team for taking the spotlight away from them.”

Mr. Williams concludes: “Finally, I would like to congratulate Holy Name for getting into the championship game. This was never about Holy Name, their terrific team, or their coaches.”

I don’t know of any groups that have organized to push for an independent investigation of Williams’s charges of referee bias. According to the article, the MIAA is investigating the situation, but the extent of this investigation is not explained. Unless this investigation is thorough and transparent, I don’t think people will be satisfied.

ACLU may enter Mr. Hetero lawsuit: Milton Valencia reports that the ACLU is considering backing the Mr. Hetero organizers in their lawsuit against the city. The organizers don’t want to have to pay for the cops who guarded the event. From reading this article, it still isn’t clear if the city required Mr. Hetero to hire police for outside the event, or if this was a requirement of Mechanics Hall. The article reiterates that Tom Crouse asked for police protection inside the venue to prevent people from disrupting it.

If the ACLU gets involved, Pie and Coffee will ask them for a clearer explanation of the situation.

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  1. Once again, the ACLU refutes the right-wingers who claim they only support left-wing causes. Now, if the ACLU could only stop conflating abortion rights with civil liberties, I might support them…

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