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posted by Mike on April 3rd, 2006

Democracy Now debuts in Worcester, April 3, 2006Television: A few dozen people gathered outside the WCCA TV13 studios downtown this morning to watch Worcester’s first cablecast of Democracy Now on the TV in the window. It was pretty fun. Not surprisingly, there was an interview with Noam Chomsky.

Mark Dixon speaks: The Wal*Mart king clarifies some of the details around his 49 hours at Wal-Mart.

Holy Cross: Some Holy Cross students made a monument to American and Iraqi war dead. Of course, it was vandalized. Taryn Plumb:

Perpetrators pulled or kicked the green stakes from the ground and chucked them around the surrounding area. Signs signifying what the stakes represented were torn up and replaced with an American flag and a sign reading, “Freedom is not free.”

Worcester County college students: If you need 2,000 crosses for a war dead memorial, contact me at

More Holy Cross: Retiring professor David O’Brien gives his last lecture April 3.

Mr. Hetero: There was a letter about radio personality and Mr. Hetero organizer Tom Crouse in today’s T&G from Worcester’s Richard A. Simi. Worcester Police Chief Gary Gemme has called Crouse “a bigot,” which upset Mr. Simi:

While I wouldn’t employ the same method or venue Mr. Crouse used to state the biblical stance on homosexuality, it should be noted that tens of thousands of people in Worcester and Worcester County hold the same view as Rev. Crouse.

Would Chief Gemme call all of us bigots because we hold a different view than he? He is bigoted against people who hold a view that has been predominant since the beginning of recorded history. As a public official he has stepped over the line and should be removed for his obvious bigotry.

Of course, Mr. Crouse is not just anti-gay, he’s also anti-Catholic, anti-Muslim, and anti-most-Protestants. I wouldn’t call Crouse a bigot, but Chief Gemme has good grounds for doing so.

Passion play: Worcester’s Blessed Sacrament Church will present a passion play April 10 & 11. Free admission, 7pm, 551 Pleasant St, Worcester MA.

The production consists of fifteen scenes of Christ’s Passion set to motion, music, lights and special effects. There are no spoken words.

The have built a humongous stage in their gym, which they’ll disassemble and move into the church itself. The size of the stage alone has convinced me that this is worth seeing.

China: Our friend Zack Berger is managing to blog from China, where he’s travelling with his wife and daughter and researching gastric cancer.

More old Techers: Adam points out that “Bridge Without Sam” Dinkin has founded a contest that could win you a space flight.

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