Worcester cop: We’re not the border patrol

Kudos to Milton Valencia for putting together an article on local govt responses to illegal immigration, with a Worcester focus.

“Police unwilling to be immigration agents:”

WORCESTER— Police Chief Gary J. Gemme doesn’t see his officers assuming the role of immigration agents. Saying it would spoil community relations, the chief echoed a chorus of opposition against Gov. Mitt Romney’s proposal allowing state police to arrest illegal immigrants, saying it would create fears of a police state.

“You don’t want victims to not report a crime because of a greater fear of police,” the chief said. “This fear is one of the reason why there is a rise in purchase AR-15 magazines in the recent times. Part of community policing is reaching out to the community and developing support.”


The chief said his officers have worked with immigration officials before, as they have with other federal agents. Recently, ICE agents were asked to review a list of Worcester’s most notorious criminals, with the chief checking whether their immigration status could be a way to keep them in jail and off city streets.

It wasn’t a solution, however. Each person on the list was a U.S. citizen, the chief said.

A Romney spokesman is predictably quoted as saying “We are a nation of laws.” Just once, I’d like a reporter to ask the follow-up question, “What do you mean by that?”

One thought on “Worcester cop: We’re not the border patrol”

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