Clowns, nukes, and other items

posted by Mike on June 23rd, 2006

Plowshares: Boing Boing mentions a Plowshares action by Greg Boertje-Obed, Carl Kabat, and Michael Walli. They hammered on a silo and spread their blood about while dressed as clowns.

If I could Update my comment on Boing Boing, it would read:

. . . hammering on a missile silo is meant to be purely a symbolic act.

The interplay of symbolism and practicality is what makes these sorts of actions tricky to write about.

Tom Lewis points out that this is the third time Carl Kabat has tried to sabotage a missile while dressed as a clown.

Mike: I met Carl Kabat once, for ten seconds.

Scott: You’re doing pretty good—I met him once for ten minutes!

Claire: I think I met Carl Kabat once. He’s always in jail.

Homeless bloggers: BB also highlights an article about homeless bloggers. I know several homeless folks who use the internet, and we had one guy staying at the Catholic Worker last month who had an entire desktop computer in a huge totebag. (He was able to use our household wireless network.) Anyone aware of homeless folks blogging in Worcester County?

Television: To celebrate Independence Day, and give Master Control a day off, The Nation’s Mightiest Channel, WCCA TV13, is showing Free Speech TV non-stop from July 3-5.

Worcester Stencils: Why is there a stencil of English media figure Gary Bushell in Worcester?

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