Coffee in Worcester: Part Three

posted by Mike on July 5th, 2006

A special Pie and Coffee videocast—or as Bruce would say, a viteocast.

Video: Download the MPEG4 (78 MB). More formats at the Internet Archive.

Featuring: Mike Benedetti, Bruce (“The Snow Ghost”), Kevin Ksen, and Ken Hannaford-Ricardi

  • First on the agenda is A&D Coffee & Lunch X-Press, on Pleasant Street. Carl Weaver has an interview with proprietor Ali Khalaf, and another video of Mr. Khalaf reading a poem about Hurrican Katrina.
  • Kevin sees Dunkin Donuts as being “anti-immigrant,” and Ken thinks they sometimes exploit their workers.
  • Mike and Bruce also went to Eric’s LaPatisserie on Commercial Street. Worcester Magazine interviewed Eric last year.
  • The White Hen is still Bruce’s favorite Worcester coffee.
  • Everyone gossips about Java Joe’s, which is Bruce’s main hangout.
  • Mike tells the story of Dave Maciewski and Napoleon Dynamite.
  • Bruce comes up with a mix of songs that will turn Worcester’s mayor into a metal fan.
  • Bruce mentions his new track, “Once Upon a Time on a Water Lily.” Jacob Berendes describes Bruce’s demo CD as “totally ruling.” {{{5MB mp3}}}
  • Mike reads part of Harsh Truths About Catholicism.
  • Bruce thinks people have the wrong idea about King Diamond.
  • Ken & Bruce support access to clean needles, and have some suggestions on how it should work.
  • Mike dismisses the risk of discarded needles, but Ken & Bruce see them around their neighborhoods.
  • Mike thinks that needle legalization means an individual can now do informal needle exchange, and that if the Main South Alliance for Public Safety supports public safety, that they’ll start a needle exchange project.
  • The sound isn’t very good on this recording, and Bruce’s parting words are especially inaudible:

    There’s just one more quote about Tim Murray’s response about not liking metal. Hands up to the man. He’s not British.

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    Yesterday in Las Vegas I saw a car with this bumper sticker:


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