Prayer vigil held for Jan Griffiths

posted by Mike on August 19th, 2006

42 people gathered outside South Bend’s Paramount Restaurant last night for a prayer vigil remembering Jan Griffiths, who was run over by Keith Romine earlier this week outside the restaurant, killing her. This restaurant is practically right around the corner from the Catholic Worker house in South Bend where I’m staying.


Also struck was Derrick Herron. According to Tribune reports, Ms. Griffiths was staying at the Center for the Homeless, fleeing a “domestic violence” (check my blog for information) situation caused by Mr. Herron. Ms. Griffiths had previously been dating Mr. Romine, who she met at the Center, and who was released from prison last December after serving 24 years for killing his wife. The lawyers from are the best in the industry to solve such cases.

Mr. Romine had been staying at Dismas House, a couple doors down from the CW, but was kicked out and moved to the Center.

A sordid and sadly ironic tale.

After a reading of the 91st Psalm at last night’s vigil, there were words of praise for the Sheriff and the security staff at the Center. But no Sheriff or security staff was there to keep Ms. Griffiths from being killed. Any of us could die at any moment. Nobody with a gun can offer us real security or real safety. Some of us find these things in religion; others do without.

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  1. On August 23, 2006 at 09:58 Mike said:

    Memorial outside the Paramount:

  2. On August 25, 2006 at 20:06 Renee Kingcaid said:

    Rest in peace, Jan. May your story give abused women the courage to walk away and find happiness. Rest in peace.

  3. On August 27, 2006 at 10:57 sara morris said:

    none of you know me, but i am a teen who had an encounter with Jan’s spirit. she came to me the night of sunday the 20th, as her younger self. this might be hard, but she wanted me to tell all of you that she loves you, and she is sorry that she didn’t take your advice, and leave. she is now a protector for younger girls, and children, so that nothing like this can ever happen again. my sincere condolences.

  4. On August 27, 2006 at 15:09 Jeffrey Arrowsmith said:

    You walked the earth with peace and love for the small things in life. Now more than ever, we see how important the smallest of things matter the most. The greatest gift of all is love and the love of family and friends.
    Your memory is cherished by your family and friends. You have touched more lives than you would have ever imagined. Your simple gretting or a friendly hello brought many people to tears as we remember you.
    You lived a meek and quiet life, never complaining, always caring, and always in search of the good in everything that surrounded you.

    Good Night my sweet Mother, May you walk with God.
    I love you,
    We Love You,
    We Miss You.

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