Saint Kermit #43: Frank Talk

posted by Mike on October 16th, 2006

It’s been a depressing couple of weeks in Massachusetts politics, but Jim and I wade into the muck anyway. Then we point out that this election will determine if the Green-Rainbow Party and Working Families Party are official parties.

[download the mp3 of “Saint Kermit #43: Frank Talk”]

We rant about:

  • Kerry Healey calling Deval Patrick soft on crime
  • Somebody revealing the skeleton in Patrick’s sister’s closet
  • Rand Wilson, who is polling double-digits as “Working Families” candate for State Auditor
  • Jill Stein, polling double-digits as “Green-Rainbow” candidate for Secretary of State

Interview: Barney Frank.
Music: National Carpet.
Sports: Sport.

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