Coffee in Worcester: Evergreens Market

posted by Mike on November 26th, 2006

Here’s a chat about Evergreens Market, 596 Main Street, Worcester, Massachusetts.

Evergreens Market
Bruce reads the T&G at Evergreens Market

Pie and Coffee: You wanna talk about Evergreens Market?

Bruce: Sure. It’s on Main Street, across from the federal courthouse, next to the Franklin Square parking garage. Kinda small inside. They have grinders, macaroni at the deli there, some odds and ends. You can get grinders and subs there. I got a vegetarian one there once, and an Italian.

The coffee I had was good. I had that flavored coffee before, over at Java Joe’s. But I wasn’t too impressed with the atmosphere. It just seemed it was disorganized. Looks like there’s a lot of clutter there.

I was impressed that there were professional-looking people hanging out there at 9:30 in the morning. To me, that was a good sign, that this was a place you can hang out.

As well as you can at the Bean Counter or White Hen Pantry. Or the Boston Donuts.

The Evergreens is in your neck of the woods, isn’t it?

Yeah, but I don’t go there. There’s other places I like to go. I go to Joe’s a lot, and the White Hen. Because a lot of people in there know me, and that makes it a lot better.

So maybe if you were a regular at Evergreens you’d like it more. But you’re not ready to become a regular there.


I tried to buy a couple copies of your “Snow Ghost” tape today as Christmas presents, but Happy Birthday Mike Leslie sold out. How many tapes have they sold so far?


Probably 26, 27. Something like that.

That’s pretty good.

That it is.

I bet that’s one of the most popular items. Maybe he’s sold 26 or 27 of his shirts, but I can’t imagine him selling that many of anything else in there. Maybe those finger traps.

Yeah, since I put that tape in there, I think it’s boosted his business.

People are saying, “I gotta go to that store. That’s where I can get that tape.”


You know what would be really cool? I’d like to get one of those electronic arms. So when you shake someone’s hand, your arm will extend. Kinda like Uncle Arthur. I mean, I can probably have someone do that for me.

Give you an electric, extending arm?

Yeah. I could talk to my doctor. Just put it here at my elbow, and crank it open, like a window.

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