Our Lady of the Road opens

The South Bend Catholic Worker celebrated the beginning of Advent today with the grand opening of their new daytime drop-in center at 744 South Main Street, Our Lady of the Road.

The event began with a mass celebrated by Father Paul Kollman, CSC. Well over 100 people were there.


Photos: Grand opening, history of the building since mid-August.


(I’ve been sifting through the 800 hobo names for Our Lady of the Road, or Boxcar Mary, but no luck so far.)

DSCN8428.JPG DSCN8444.JPG Brenna & Mike

From the program book:

Our Lady of the Road is a day-time drop-in center for folks who find themselves on the street. We will offer coffee, snacks, use of the restrooms, showers, and washers and dryers to do clothes. Most of all, however, we will offer a place for people to sit and talk–a place to belong.

We could greatly use your help! To volunteer your time, please contact us at [574] 235-0623 or [574] 287-7734.

Also, the following helpful items are needed: laundry soap, coffee and filters, toilet paper, bath towels, soap, shampoo, razors and shaving cream, women’s hygene products, and other toiletry items.

Most importantly, we ask for your prayers and your presence. We have a lot to celebrate, lots of friends and supporters to thank.

2 thoughts on “Our Lady of the Road opens”

  1. Oh my god, this is what I`ve been wanting to do in Main South for so long it is not even funny. What about providing harm reduction supplies, like CVS certificates to buy a free clean needle, or condoms to not get AIDS?

  2. It was wonderful to be with you at the grand opening! Thanks for the pictures and for *all* your good work, Mike. Sorry I missed chatting with you. Ro

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