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posted by Mike on December 8th, 2006

I slipped up on the last “Items,” forgetting the biggest Worcester news of the month: Bruce played a show at the Hotel Vernon. Wish I could have been there. Thanks to Cindy for organizing the show, and to Jim and Jacob for being the backing band. I promise I’ll have another coffee review from me & Bruce on Sunday. In the meantime, here’s Bruce’s original “Burn in Frozen Wasteland in the Deepest Pits of Hell,” Stale Urine’s cover, and Incisor covering Bruce’s “The Legend.”

Worcester: This city should be destroyed.

The Worcester Republican blog comments on the Paul Pezzella/Paul Giorgio alleged voter fraud case.

Paul Giorgio and John Kerry
Paul Giorgio with John Kerry in Worcester. Photo by Kevin Ksen.

Today I discovered that both Nate Wildermuth and Rose Levy Beranbaum have blogs. RLB’s analysis of the NYT’s “no-knead bread” recipe is dead-on, based on my experience baking a loaf today. I gave the recipe the benefit of the doubt and baked it for 45 minutes, which was about 15 minutes too long. Other than some over-browning, a great loaf in every way.


As part of an across-the-board, nationwide restructuring by Clear Channel, one of the main pinnacles of Worcester news, WTAG 580, is cutting four positions from its staff.

Worcester is underserved by the media. It needs:

  • Another professional outlet.
  • Better coordination among the non-profit, non-corporate, and community media.

It does not need fewer people gathering news.

Somebody in Bay Shore, NY, is fixing to sue a homeless shelter.

Democracy Now! has an interview with James Loney and Harmeet Singh Sooden of Christian Peacemaker Teams, who were held hostage in Iraq. If you download the mp3, the segment starts at 26:24. Men who were possibly their captors have been arrested, and the CPTers are not sure if they’ll testify or not. “We want good to come out of this.”

Paula blogs about one of the South Bend Catholic Worker cats, Walter Peyton.
Brenna & Walter

You’ll recall that the Fresno CW was among those fighting to protect homeless people’s stuff from getting destroyed in that city. For the moment, a judge has told the city to knock it off. Gentleman of the Road and Indymedia have detailed accounts.

WoMag: “Nothing rhymes with Worcester.”


There once was a mister from Worcester,
Who had on his lip quite a blister.
He’d met a young whore,
With diseases galore,
And was glad that he had only kissed her.

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