Midwest Catholic Worker resistance retreat

posted by Mike on December 18th, 2006


The fifth annual Midwest Catholic Worker Resistance Retreat will take place Sunday March 25 and Monday March 26, in South Bend, Indiana. The So Bend Catholic Worker Community is hosting.

South Bend Catholic Worker Community:

The South Bend Catholic Worker hopes that the Midwest Catholic Worker Resistance Retreat will be an opportunity to challenge the University of Notre Dame to speak more clearly for the peace that is based on the tradition of the Church and the ancient teaching of the apostles. Our goal is to inform the consciences of those students participating in ROTC by bringing to light the stark contradiction between Catholic teaching and military training, so that these ROTC students will become conscientious objectors to the military. We also hope that our actions, performed in the personalist manner of the Catholic Worker, will lead to the disintegration of ROTC at Notre Dame and all Catholic campuses.

The two day CW Retreat is designed to follow an all day Saturday, March 24th Catholic Peace Fellowship (CPF) Conference, “Neither Left Nor Right: the Heart of Christian Peacemaking”. Jim Forest and Tom Cornell, long time Catholic Workers and co-founders of CPF, will lead the CPF Conference. Also presenting will be Michael Baxter, South Bend Catholic Worker and CPF national secretary; Joshua Casteel, Iraq War Vet and conscientious objector; Farah Marie Mokhtareizadeh, an Iranian-American Catholic activist who recently traveled to Lebanon.

The cost for the CPF retreat is $25. (Though this fee can be waved for those who can not afford it.)

Steve Jacobs of the Columbia MO. CW community will lead and facilitate the CW Resistance Retreat which will end with a nonviolent direct action on the Notre Dame campus.

Housing and hospitality for the Conference and Retreat is being provided by the South Bend CW Community. Efforts to find beds for all out of town participants will be made with floor space as a last resort (something reserved for the younger folks if necessary). All participants are encouraged to register for both the Conference and the Retreat. Pre registration will be necessary for all who will need housing and or any special hospitality needs.

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