WCCA funding battle: This week Worcester Magazine and the Telegram & Gazette came out in support of WCCA, Worcester’s public access cable station. WoMag: “Public access television is both often boring and fundamentally important; and WCCA has distinguished itself in the breadth and accessibility of its offerings at its three-studio Main Street location.”

Hospitality: Catholic Worker opens in Erie.

City Council pay raise: Worth quoting in full:

Official Vote to approve 9-3. Voting against Lukes, Rosen and Palmieri. Watching the meeting tonight District Councilor Haller mentioned that she had spoken to people throughout to the Distict and received “overwhelming” support in favor of the pay raise.

Larry Cirignano flip-out: Telegram says, “Police have filed a criminal complaint against the executive director of Boston-based Catholic Citizenship on allegations he pushed a female counter-demonstrator to the ground during an anti-gay marriage rally Saturday outside City Hall.” Bay Windows has one of the longest stories out there. Additional details from BlueMassGroup’s David, Michael Ball, Edge Boston, and probably a dozen other blogs.

Thomas Gumbleton: Rocco Palmo assembles the reports about the status of lefty retired Detroit Auxiliary Bishop Thomas Gumbleton.

Local web: I’m always like a month behind in finding out about the cool new Worcester websites. Like the pro-Lynne Simonds blog, the Go-list forum, the Worcester Movies site, the Worcester Parking Ban project, etc.

Media: Did you know that if Worcester had a crappy chain weekly paper that we’d now have a better local pro news website than any of those we have now?

Podcast: There’s now a transcription of How to Get Your Library to Change Its Lending Policy.

Crooked Timber: I really like this group blog. Watch as Scott McLemee discovers the phrase “self-hating antisemite.”

Is Tyler Durden a masculine character?: Hee hee hee.

And in honor of his article about the Larry Cirignano incident, a hearty salute to Richard “Mr. Hetero” Nangle.

Rich Nangle is not Mr Hetero, but he plays him on TV

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  1. At this point it seems obvious that the leaders in this and other organizations opposed to gay equality do not intend to address this issue. If this sort of response is not acceptable, what do we as the gay community want to do about it? Some people have suggested picketing the Cardinal, but I would love to hear feedback from others. We know what we get for our silence, and I personally don’t intend to be silent on this. Your thoughts?

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