Coffee in Worcester: One Love Cafe

posted by Mike on January 28th, 2007

My camera is broken, so no photo this week.

Pie and Coffee: What about the One Love Cafe?

Bruce: I really enjoyed the lunch there.

P: It was good!

B: Yeah, very good.

P: I had a gift certificate, so this was another one of our—-

B: I gotta walk up there and, I wanna say—

[Phone rings]

P: Hold on, I’ll get the phone. Catholic Worker, this is Mike. No, she’s not here, can I take a message? Her missing cell phone, yeah. It’s at the school? Okay. I will let her know. She’ll be very happy to hear that. Bye bye.

B: I gotta walk back up there probably Thursday, because that co-op coffee is in the neighborhood there.

P: Well, let’s go back to the One Love Cafe. It’s a Jamaican place. We had lunch there. Was your lunch good?

B: It was very good. I thought that veggie patty was kind of on the spicy side.

P: I was very happy, because as soon as we walked in there the first thing she said was—

B: “Are you a vegan or a vegetarian?”

P: Exactly. That’s what I like to hear.

B: Me too. Because I’m a vegetarian.

P: So they had lots of meat stuff on the menu, but they had good other stuff. I had ital stew, and that was very delicious.

B: I thought the best thing they had was the pea soup. If I’d known they had small and large I coulda got the large. It was so damn good I wish I could have had another one.

P: Is there anything to say about the coffee there?

B: Yeah, the coffee was good. They were grinding it.

P: It was fresh ground. You know, they first sip I had of it, the first thought I had was, “Is this coffee burnt?” And then I had more, and no it wasn’t burnt, but it was very robust. A strong flavor. It had guts.

B: Oh, yeah. I like something with guts.

P: It didn’t have any blood.

B: Oh, right. Just like if you’re going to light a campfire, there’s two ways. There’s many ways, hundreds of ways—

P: There’s my way and the highway—

B: There’s twenty ways to light a fire if you’re in camp. I’m going to narrow it down to two or three simple ways. One, you can take forever. Two, you can be lucky enough to light a fire with sticks and a rock. The other one, you can light a fire with just one match.

P: Did you watch that show, The Match Game?

B: And the one last one you can do? Make sure you got plenty of wood, because otherwise, you’re going to be walking around keeping the fire going, so make sure you’ve got plenty of wood where it’s accessible.

P: Do you think if you were in the woods you would have enough wood?

B: Oh, shit yeah.

P: I think you would. Ha ha ha!

B: I know I would. I mean like, would you? Ha ha ha ha ha! I just narrowed it down last night.

P: What did you narrow it down to?

B: I’m an insane madman.

P: Some have said a satanic madman.

B: Yeah, that too.

P: Some have said you’re just a regular guy.

B: I consider myself a madman. I think there’s a lotta people would agree with me on that.

P: What makes you the most mad?

B: A dose of metal, and some good heavy rock or some good evil laugh.

P: Awesome. So you have this MySpace page. Do you have any words to encourage people to add you on their MySpace?

B: I do.

P: What’s your sales pitch?

B: I think, anybody who’s feeling lonely out there, who needs a friend, who needs a ghost, I think they should come talk to me. Cause I’ll kind of ghost up your presence. Because I like to clown around, because clowning around is part of the Snow Ghost agenda. I like to have a good time and just go completely ballistic.

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