posted by Mike on February 7th, 2007

Respect Worcester: A couple weeks ago on his vegan podcast, Erik Marcus was talking trash about Worcester. So I e-mailed him about the vegan leafleting we did yesterday, and on a late-night podcast he made a public apology. (mp3, starts at 14:45)

I should mention that I think his book Meat Market is one of the best animal-friendly books out there, ranking with Ethics Into Action, Becoming Vegan, and Vegan With A Vengeance.


Best blog post title of 2007 (so far): Anarcho-Catholicism in a Nutshell.

Mooninites: Worcesterites are of course fascinated by the foibles of the metropolis to the East. Radioball has a good post, Volcanoboy a good thread, and patduffy speaks for the youth.

Narco News: It has been suggested that the Worcester Library should pre-order The People Decide, a book about Oaxaca. I’ll put in my request at the info desk. I bet if two or three other people request this book, they’ll order it.

Vatican Warms to Climate Change: Nuff said.

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