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posted by Mike on March 15th, 2007

Worcester Indymedia: The new site is up! Let us know what you think.

CJR: “How TalkingPointsMemo Beat the Big Boys on the U.S. Attorney Story.”

“We have a readership of about 100,000 people,” [Josh Marshall] says, “and that means that in any city around the country we’ve got a bunch of readers who are reading the local papers. So we’ll often find out if something happens that’s only reported in some small paper — we basically have an intelligence gathering service that mainstream reporters don’t have because they don’t have the same kind of relationship with their readers.”

TPM is the only national partisan blog I read, because of journalism like this.

Vegan Outreach: I’ve got a post about some veg activism over at Worcester Activist.

Comments: Some staff at the Orange County Register find the reader comments on their website so crude that they want the whole comments thing removed. This brief T&G article once had a comments string complaining that the people were holding a Spanish sign. Those comments remained for a few days, but have since been removed.

March Madness: This year, I predict the finals will be Ray Kurzweil vs. Dennis Kucinich. And the Kooch will win it all. Mark my words.

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