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Drew Wilson on SoapboxWPI ditches battery cage eggs: Interview with Drew Wilson about how the WPI cafeterias were persuaded to stop buying eggs from hens raised in battery cages. More details may accrue at the Worcester Activist No Battery Eggs page. The Humane Society is coordinating this campaign nationwide. For footage from one of New York state’s largest egg farms, which uses battery cages, see this movie.

“Fired Wal-Mart worker claims surveillance ops”: Wall Street Journal report, via Reuters

The Wal-Mart Stores Inc. worker fired last month for intercepting a reporter’s phone calls says he was part of a larger, sophisticated surveillance operation that included snooping not only on employees, but also on critics, stockholders and the consulting firm McKinsey & Co., The Wall Street Journal reported.

As part of the surveillance, the retailer last year had a long-haired employee infiltrate an anti-Wal-Mart group to determine if it planned protests at the company’s annual meeting, according to Bruce Gabbard, the fired security worker, the Journal said.

Emphasis mine. If I was the headline writer, I’d replace the phrase surveillance ops” with “long-haired spies.” Punchier.

I posted an update on the Worcester Wal-Mart situation at Worcester Activist. Summary: People are looking into it. Not much you can do right now, unless you want to donate money.

Supermodels claim victory in Oaxaca: Donald Trump has pulled part of the Miss Universe competition out of Oaxaca. The Popular Assembly of Supermodels for Oaxaca previously threatened to picket him in NYC over this issue, so they’re claiming victory, and have thanked Trump with flowers. And they’re shifting their NYC pickets to the Mexican consulate.

Worcester’s own Cha-cha Connor writes:

In addition to the repressive nature of the [Governor Ulises] Ruiz regime, the disgraced governor revealed his dishonesty and singular lack of intelligence this week when he told the daily Excelsior of Mexico City that the event was canceled because Miss Universe owner Donald Trump supposedly demanded $1.5 million dollars from the state. That is obviously untrue (even the president of the state restaurant association in Oaxaca admitted to the daily Noticias de Oaxaca that it was the continuing “social conflict” in the state – its ungovernability – that sealed the event’s fate).

If you were a repressive governor in a precarious spot, would you go talking trash about Donald Trump? Me neither.


Andrew Sullivan
“When history is written, I predict Karl Rove will have a major legacy: the creation of a permanent minority party.”
Seth Godin
“Now, people look at someone driving a Chevy Suburban the same way they look at a fit person parking in a handicapped space. ‘Why,’ they wonder, ‘do you need to do that?’ It’s sort of a mix of suspicion and pity.

“The richest and best-educated people in our economy are shifting, and pretty quickly. They’re just as willing to spend money as they always were, but now it’s not focused on fancy organic stuff at the Whole Foods Market or giant bulletproof cars from Germany or private jet travel. Instead, the market is trying as hard as it can to spend time and money without leaving much of a trace.”

Chris Rooney
“It’s interesting how when I try and talk about early Christianity with people, most folks can’t seem to concieve of a world where Christianity and Oligarchy aren’t synonymous.”
The Onion brings fake news to Web video (via Romenesko)
“Its print publications remain profitable, but The Onion is moving more and more toward the Web, where it now draws about 60 percent of its advertising revenue versus 40 percent from print, about the reverse of where it was four years ago, Mills said.”
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