Coffee in Worcester: Courtyard Cafe

posted by Mike on May 14th, 2007

Pie and Coffee: Courtyard Cafe. We’ve been talking about going there for a long, long time.

Bruce: And we finally did it.

P: And you feel a sense of accomplishment?

B: Oh yeah. The first thing I noticed when I walked in there, the funny thing about it is like, and this goes back way before, it’s like every time I used to do errands for Joe, Elwood Adams and stuff like that—

P: —back when you used to run errands at Java Joe’s?

B: Yeah. And I would go by there or, it goes back even farther than that. I have to back up a little bit. I used to go to Al Bum’s a lot, up on Highland Street, and I used to go by that coffee place a lot, the Courtyard. And I never found an apparition to go in there until . . . .

P: Until just now.

B: Until just now. And I was pleasant when I walked in the door. From the size of the cafe they got, and it seemed like they have other things besides coffee in there, they got a cooler of juice and soda, and a few things you can eat, order to eat and stuff.

P: I thought they had very nice chairs and tables.

B: Yeah they did, that too, I noticed that too.

P: And a lot of magazines.

B: Yeah they have a few magazines, too. Anyway, the first thing that caught my eye is that the coffee was Newport’s, which is like Seattle’s Best I guess.

P: It’s connected to Seattle’s Best?

B: Yeah. And anyways, they had some good flavors in the coffee they had there. I thought, “This can’t be it! I’m actually finding a coffee that actually Satan made himself!” I’m reading, “From Devil’s Hill.” And I read it once again, and it says, “From Castle Hill.”

P: What?

B: I’m describing about the coffee that I saw.

P: Start over again.

B: I saw this coffee down below in front of me and I thought it said, “Made By Satan,” because it said “On Devil’s Hill,” because that’s what I was reading until I got closer and saw it said “Castle Hill.”

P: Oh, okay.

B: But that coffee was pretty good. I’d like to go back there pretty soon and try one of their entrees or foods or something like that.

P: I never had the Newport coffee before, that I remember. It was okay. Maybe because it was getting toward the middle of the afternoon, it didn’t taste like the freshest coffee. But it wasn’t horrible, and the cafe was very, very cute inside. So I think I would also consider going back and trying it again.

B: Would you recommend that place to somebody else?

P: Well, I don’t know. Y’know, usually when we review these places, we’ve gone to them a couple times. This is one of the ones we’ve only gone to one time.

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