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posted by Mike on May 17th, 2007


Snow Ghost Community Show tapes first episode
We’ve been talking about it for months. We’ve been planning for weeks. And now it can be told: the first episode of the Snow Ghost Community Show has been posted. In this episode, we talk about the Three Stooges with Catholic Worker Scott Schaeffer-Duffy. (If you have comments, please post them at the WCCA blog post.)


Fresolo keeps being a big jerk
You know, when Dianne Williamson thinks you’re being mean, you have a real problem:

The object of [State Rep.] Fresolo’s wrath was Dismas House, a re-entry program for former prisoners, which plans to place a supervised residence on Arthur Street for up to six people who have jobs, years of sobriety and a track record with Dismas House. Mr. Fresolo opposes the home for the typical reasons — it’s too close to a school and the neighbors weren’t properly notified. He has since tried to cut state funding for Dismas House, but has garnered little support.

More from WoMag on this proposed program. Note that Dismas is widely respected as a fantastic program, and in fact, in the neighborhood where the main Dismas House site is located, 78% of the people “support” or “strongly support” “any type of group home in my neighborhood.” (Summary of the cited report.)

(Non-Worcester residents are going to read the Williamson headline “Fresolo bares fangs” and say, “Oh, you’re just jealous that you don’t live in a district represented by a vampire!” In reality, Fresolo isn’t a vampire, or even a werewolf.)


Costa Rica to withdraw its students from the SOA/WHINSEC
Good news via Catholic Anarchy:

…[President] Arias suddenly turned to me and asked “what needs to be done to close this school”. I shared that if Costa Rica were to pull out, that this would certainly have a positive affect, especially given his international standing as a peacemaker, and especially because a bill to withhold funding and investigate the school will be presented any day now. . He immediately said “it is done”.


The whole 09F9 thing
You Can Own an Integer Too — Get Yours Here


Strategic consumption

Strategic consumption is the recognition that the immediate, or tactical, effects of our purchases are of such limited power as to be essentially meaningless.


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