508 episode one: Mayor Gary Rosen

posted by Mike on September 14th, 2007

508 is a show about Worcester.

On this debut episode, Mike Benedetti talks about resistance to a Worcester Wal-Mart with Shannon Senior, and about the preliminary City Council election with Brendan Melican.

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  • Options for stopping or mitigating a Worcester Wal-Mart are running out
  • The preliminary Council election was dominated by one big factor
  • How much did the candidates spend per vote?
  • The District 5 race: Rich Ball and baseball
  • “I have a funning feeling we’re gonna see Gary—unless he pulls himself off the list—as mayor.”
  • Bill McCarthy has no chance of winning, either because he fills no niche (Brendan) or because the Worcester Republican Blog’s endorsement is a curse (Mike)
  • Telegram & Gazette misreports election results, then makes like Mirthala Salinas
  • Brendan says nice things about Bill Coleman

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