508 #7: disco entertainment and other sleaze

508 is a show about Worcester.

This week, Mike is joined by Bruce Russell and Brendan Melican.

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The criminal complaint against Sarah Loy was dropped; gay marriage opponents exchange e-mails with Richard Nangle and the T&G; Brendan thinks that the illegal disclosure of City Council candidate Michael Germain’s financial records won’t hurt his campaign; Worcester Magazine thinks that candidate Grace Ross has “weathered the storm of her Green Party’s international posturing”; the candidates’ junk mail has often been junk; we interview Michael Boover at last week’s anti-war rally in Boston; a new Snow Ghost show premieres tonight; and finally, we talk to Kevin Ksen about Worcester’s “disco entertainment license.”

Candidate/zombie Rick Rushton: I want your vote . . . and . . . brainsssssss . . .

To complain about the show, call 508.471.3897.

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