posted by Mike on November 7th, 2007

Worcester election items
I’m really impressed at the job Scott Zoback did liveblogging the election for Worcester Magazine. Much more about the internet & the election on this Friday’s podcast.

Here’s a chart of the results, which I originally posted at Worcester Activist.

Your Pettys and Rushtons rocketed up since the prelims; not so for your Colemans, Perottos, Rosses, and Irishes.

The T&G screws up again

Good grief: “A chart in today’s Telegram & Gazette had incorrect totals for Ms. Ross, Mr. Irish and Mr. Coleman.”

They also screwed up in the prelims.

Worcester and LaRouche
A few weeks, back, at the City Council meeting about Darfur, some young followers of Lyndon LaRouche were waiting around, but didn’t get a change to speak. I think they wanted to present something about banking or mortgage reform. According to Crooked Timber and Washington Monthly, the organization is in the midst of a collapse.

Our school chum Paul Rothemund at TED
The MacArthur fellow talks about “Casting spells with DNA.”

Our school chum Niniane Wang on college differences
From her blog:

Me: [after recounting the conversation] “Do you have these conversations with your Stanford alum friends? Like, who’s on the run, who was dealing acid, who is a man of the cloth?”

My brother: “No.”

Me: [pause] “I’m glad I went to Caltech.”

Jackie Sargent and Assumption College activism
An article about what they’re up to.

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  1. On November 7, 2007 at 16:06 Tracy said:

    Good grief is right! At this rate, we’ll be getting all of our news from you, Scott Zoback, IndyMedia!

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