Coffee in Worcester: The Q

Bruce and I went to a show at The Q, 362 Chandler St in Worcester. The time has come to talk about it.


Bruce: . . . I already was elected.

Pie and Coffee: Elected to what?

B: Elected to make a difference in the world and in people’s lives. And I’ve already succeeded.

P: Let me ask you a question about the Q coffeehouse on Chandler Street.

B: OK, shoot.

P: What do you think of it?

B: For my first time being there, I thought it was pretty good.

P: What was the coffee like?

B: It didn’t stay hot very long.

P: How was the flavor?

B: It was pretty good.

P: Did you have trouble getting it prepared like you wanted it?

B: Ah . . . no, not really.

P: Y’know, I think that place opened when I was out of town, because I remember the week it opened–whoever was doing promotion did a great job as far as I’m concerned. I got 6 e-mails from 6 sources saying Hey, there’s this great new place. More recently, I heard this second wave of opinion, that this place was terrible. And then very recently I’ve heard people say Actually, it’s pretty good. And my experience there was positive.

We saw a show there. What did you think?

B: I thought the first band was pretty good.

P: I Hate Zen Heart.

B: That kid who was singing, he goes, “Ours is the only website you’re gonna find, unless it’s a death metal band.” And I said, “Suppose it was black metal. Let’s hear it for the black metal people!” And everybody just like: “Sheee-yaaaahhh!”

P: There was a huge crowd there, all kinds of people.

B: A famous person showed up.

P: Who was that?

B: Me, myself, and Billy Blue. Everybody there recognized me.


P: I had a woman come up to me after Jacob Berendes played and she said, “Aren’t you on Volcanoboy? I recognize you from your photo.” And she told me who she was. It’s great to meet somebody from the Internet in real life.

The great artist John Guida was there.

Y’know, the Q is taking over some of the cultural responsibilities that the Java Hut once had.

B: I kinda get the same vibe. Would you call I Hate Zen Heart folk or what?

P: Maybe a punk thing. Jacob was doing his . . .

B: Storytelling.


P: Like a bard.

B: I was looking at his amp. He had a Gorilla amp. I haven’t seen those in a dog’s age. I go, “Hey, I didn’t know they let animals in here!” “They let you in here!” “Well I’m the Snow Ghost, my friend!” I was commenting on his amp!

P: I know, I told him that. He knows you weren’t calling him an animal.

B: As long as we can bust each other’s chops and nobody takes it the wrong way.

P: If you had to sum up the Q in one sentence, what would that sentence be?

B: Does anybody need a Q?

Why is their logo a magnifying glass?

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