posted by Mike on January 24th, 2008

An extra $1,000,000 for Worcester’s homeless
Good article by Jay Whearly:

The ambitious initiative, announced by the Health Foundation of Central Massachusetts, is to begin immediately and will initially target 125 people, an estimated 20 percent of Worcester’s chronic homeless population.


Home Again pulls together the resources of Community Healthlink, Central Massachusetts Housing Alliance, Dismas House, Henry Lee Willis Community Center, Jeremiah’s Inn, and South Middlesex Opportunity Council’s People in Peril Shelter in Worcester. Brook [sic] Doyle, vice president of homeless and detoxification services for Community Healthlink will serve as project director.

The Longest Night
Rep. Jim McGovern, Brooke Doyle, Brian Bickford, and Cha-Cha Connor at this year’s Worcester memorial for those who have died homeless.

Sad news from the Columbia, Missouri Catholic Worker
Read the letter:

Those of us who remain are hurting. I have lost my wife. My daughters feel abandoned and betrayed by their mother suddenly moving to another town without telling them when or why. My grandson no longer has his grandmother to dote on him. Other St. Francis CW members feel manipulated and saddened that she refused to confide in us. We don’t know if St. Francis operations in Columbia, MO can survive this crisis and we are struggling.

Doc Searls on the limitations of “influence”
What open code developers can teach PR:

What makes a snowball roll is not influence. It’s participation. Barns are not raised by neighbors in thrall of “A-list” farmers. They are raised by people who know how to build barns, and who know and work with the farmer who needs the barn.

Online dreamachine
Thanks to Mike C for sending me what is my favorite link of 2008. I once built my own dream machine (below, photo by Mike R), but it never worked. I’m looking forward to a long weekend hallucinating with the online version.

Mike Benedetti tries to get his mysterious dream machine to work. Photo by Mike Radford.

The highest-paid theologian in America
Rev. Tony Lorenzen threatens to put together a book of Springsteen-inspired sermons.

There’s now online video of my 1999 one-man show about the life and death of Tupac Shakur, as debuted at the Philadelphia “Open Wide” festival. I’m not especially happy with it, but it’s interesting to watch so many years after. I’m still really proud of the ending monolog about Tupac’s death, though. Note that the opening recording is of P&C contributor Adam Villani’s voice, and that I first met P&C “publisher” Michael P. immediately after this performance.

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