posted by Mike on March 12th, 2008

One Nation Under Elvis
This is just a great article about why you should respect the South and country music, and how progressives can stop alienating the people who should be key allies:

Another set of questions might be why Dick despises the people and places that spawned the music, and what larger rifts his attitude reveals. Answering them requires digging into the deep history of American music and American race and class wars, and into the broad crises of environmentalism in recent years.

Christian videos
The Miro guys have made a Christian edition of their free video player, pre-loaded with channels of Christian content.

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Gitmo letter
Sylvia Jaffee, in this letter to the editor, seems to be complaining about Claire Schaeffer-Duffy’s efforts to close the Guantanamo prison, though the thinking is a bit muddled.

Cirignano opposes net neutrality
Yes, Larry Cirignano. The argument is basically that they want ISPs to be able to provide content filtering. But aren’t there many content filtering options now? And wouldn’t non-neutrality give your ISP the ability to mess up competing non-ISP content filters? And wouldn’t that leave most people with a monopoly or duopoly in content filtering? In that world, if you didn’t like your ISP’s judgement, too bad for you.

Cutting-edge teaching
Justin Duffy is using Blogspot + Google Docs to give out homework. There are so many great, free tools out there, beyond e-mail and IM. Related: I have been loving this discussion between Eben Moglen and Matthew Small about software patents and the use of for-profit, proprietary software in education.

Mike Niece gets 10 days
Formerly of the Half Moon Bay Catholic Worker, he was sentenced for soliciting sex.

Tom Lechner’s “transparent preview” is now part of Gimp. I am one of tens of thousands who use Gimp every day.

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