508 #26: Sunshine Week

posted by Mike on March 14th, 2008

508 is a show about Worcester. This week’s panel includes Kevin Ksen and Brendan Melican.


00002Worcester Indymedia is filing several public records requests to mark Sunshine Week; we’ll follow up on a future show and see if government is responding as the law requires.

Brendan defends the American Antiquarian Society against a proposed expansion of a nearby historical district. (More about the founder of the AAS.) Today is the birthday of one of Mike’s Facebook friends. Former City Council candidate John Mahoney still seems to be spamming people.

The Hanover Theater opens in Worcester tonight; check the WCCA TV13 website for a video clip shortly after the festivities begin. (Brendan mentions David Copperfield in connection with this.)

Census forms are finally out. If there aren’t any changes to be made on your form, you can let the city know via the web.

Mike will be at a prayer service next week that might turn into civil disobedience. And it might not.

Tracy Novick talks about the current crisis in local school funding; she’s been blogging about it.

You, too can leave a voice message to be played on the show. Just call 508-471-3897.

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  1. On March 14, 2008 at 10:58 Mike said:

    Darn, I clipped the first few seconds of the Tracy Novick interview. I’ll try to get a clean version of this podcast up sometime soon.

  2. On March 16, 2008 at 14:10 Tracy said:

    I’m just amazing you can hear me at all! I don’t know what Verizon was up to down the street, but they completely messed up our telephone line that day!

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