508 #32: Mavericks

508 is a show about Worcester. Today’s panel includes Brendan Melican and (briefly) Bruce Russell.


A Worcester county court officer is being investigated for leaking info to crooks; a Barre police officer who shot a dog in the leg is back to work. Worcester Peace Works has submitted an antiwar/PILOT resolution to the City Council.

We talk about how City Councilor Rick Rushton has bucked some of his political patrons by becoming an Obama delegate. Brendan explains state taxes to Mike. Brendan complains about the schools. Mike describes the Transgender Emergency Fund fundraiser. We speculate about the whole Volcanoboy/Worcesterite web forum transition, which seems to be a work in progress. (Nice to see Worcesterite is running Drupal, in my opinion the least-bad CMS out there.)

Bruce kinda promises to be at Art Attack on May 1 if any listeners want a photo with him; the event would be a nice beginning to a night on the town, which you could end with some of the Turtle Boy shows at area bars.

Of course, we also talk about guns.

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4 thoughts on “508 #32: Mavericks”

  1. Did your 508 email go out this week? I didn’t get it.
    (And my computer hates just doing it from here; for some reason it goes at high speeds and you all sound like chipmunks. Amusing, yes, especially Brendan, but not easy to listen to.)

  2. Thanks for the reminder–I put it off Friday and then forgot.

    Some of the mp3s (especially the very small ones) are using “illegal” bitrates and some players, like the Flash player in you browser, get the speed wrong. My iPod, for example, plays all of them correctly, but YMMV.

  3. Hope to see everyone at the Turtle Boys tonight. 24 bands, 9 bars, 1 Street, 0 dollars.

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